Site Navigation

Use the site navigation widget to create any navigation menu you want. The widget has been designed to be used in a header or footer template. Add [WPBits] Site Navigation widget then select the menu to use this widget in your template. Click on the “Style” tab of the widget to customize it.

Drop Down Menus

You can select the direction of the drop down menu from the settings panel of the top parent menu item.

Multi-Column Drop Down Menus

To create a multi-column drop-down menu, expand the top-level menu item and chose the column size under the “WPBits Mega Menu” select box. You can also specify the column width and direction.

Mega Menus

Mega menus are a drop menu that displays content created with Elementor. Use the Elementor’s UI and widgets to create any content you want to be displayed as a mega menu on your navigation. In the following example, we have created a mega menu template that contains a WooCommerce Grid Master widget and assigned it to the “Mega Menu” top-level menu item. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a mega menu.

We are going to use the WPBits Theme Builder templates. Please check this section if you don’t know how to create and assign a template to a site location.

Step 1: Create a new template and assign it to the “Navigation” location.

Step 2: Edit the template with Elementor and create your content.

Step 3: Assign the template to a top level menu item via the Template select menu.