Creating Header / Footer Templates

Step 1: Create a new template and assign it to the Header location.

Step 2: Edit the new template with Elementor by clicking to the “Edit with Elementor” button.

Step 3: Use Elementor widgets and sections to design your template. There are some widgets created specifically to use with the theme builder. These widgets are;

  • [WPBits] Breadcrumb
  • [WPBits] Post content
  • [WPBits] Post title
  • [WPBits] Archive title
  • [WPBits] Archive description
  • [WPBits] Site logo
  • [WPBits] Site navigation

Pre-built Header Templates

You can also use the WPBits Template Library to import pre-built header templates for a quick start. Click on the WPBits logo on a new section toolbar to access the library.