The [WPBits] Slider widget is a powerful slider widget and along with the cool features it has been created to give you more control over the mobile layout.


  • Use the Slides section to add/remove/edit the slides of the slider.
  • Each slide has its own settings when expended.

Tablet & Mobile Styles

There are times when you want to change the slider image for mobile or customize the location and look of the text content. Don’t forget to check your slides on tablet and mobile views to make sure everything looks perfect on these screen sizes.

Content and UI Skins

In case you want to change the styling and typography of the content or the arrow / pagination UI elements to better fit your background image, you can use the content and UI skins.

  • There are 3 skins available for contents (content box, headings, text, and buttons)
  • There are 2 skins available for the UI elements (pagination and navigation)
  • You can specify the skin for all slides.
  • Click on the “Style” tab to access all the skin-related styling options.

Background Mask

The background mask is an overlay image for the background image. The mask image must have some transparent parts to mask out these parts of the background image. The mask image might be SVG or PNG.