Decorative Slideshows

Use decorative slideshows to turn a boring image slider into a stylish design element that fills the white spaces on your page. Select your images then select a pre-defined SVG mask or use your custom PNG or SVG images to create your own mask.

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New Design Tool

Decorative Slideshows

Here is a slideshow sample with three images with a pre-defined mask overlays them. 

Slider options

Rich Options Set

  • Transition effect
  • Slider width/height
  • Autoplay speed
  • Open the image in a lightbox or give a classic link to the slider.
  • Enable autoplay
  • Enable loop
  • Customize the pagination numbers/bullets.
  • Customize the navigation arrows
Infinite Style Possibilities

Pre-Defined or Custom Masks

The slider has 12 pre-defined mask shapes but you can select any SVG or PNG image to apply as a mask.