Attract visitor’s attention with eye-catching headings. Design headings freely with tons of customization options including gradients, vertical positioning, lines, and animations. It is even more powerful now with dual-heading styling and marker support.

Accordion Widget

Accordion contents are one of the best ways to organize your content.  Here is a powerful one that lets you adjust every bit of the widget. 


Mark important spots on an image with a highly customizable tooltip infobox and animated pointers to create interactive, self-explained images.

image compare

Image Compare

All you need to upload two images to create a useful, before and after image comparison slider. Change the slider orientation or the styling to customize it for your project.


Use our free timeline widget for Elementor to create any timeline content with the design of your taste. Customize the date and text of the event and attach an image if you want. You are also free to import one of the pre-made Elementor templates that contain the timeline widget for free.


Add a tooltip text to a text, image, icon, or shortcode that has lots of position and design settings.

price table

Pricing Table

Create a responsive pricing table with endless design possibilities or chose one of the templates from the library.

skill bar

Progress Bar

Create animated progress bars in seconds with a variety of customization options.


Pie Chart

Pie charts, one of the indispensable elements of the infographic sections, can now be used in any style you want.


Stylish and functional tabs are now easy to customize with multiple options and a variety of styles.